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Fuck Amy Schumer and All That Defend Her


Why are Racists so dissapointed when someone calls them a Racist?

Do they honestly believe anyone is fooled?

Incase you missed it. The Guardian released an article that basically called Amy Schumer out for her racial bias (click to read it), she then chose to defend herself, quit poorly at that via twitter (click to read that trash). The internet has since chosen to crucify Amy Schumer and for good reason. She’s a racist whose only defense was to say – I’m a comic, a feminist ( I’m using that term only cause she said she is ) and more people are laughing at my jokes. Clearly she just said I’m racist and I don’t care.

By the way, all the racists love her now. She’s made lifelong best friends off this shit. News outlets have chosen to defend her and It’s just not working.

Watching her rise to fame it’s clear that she only got so far off the backs of those people she chose to put down, by using them as a literal stepping stone. She gained herself a new audience with her brand of hate and rode that wave to stardom. Lifted up by the invisible hand of the millions of closeted racists that enjoy watching her blatantly say what they wish they could, but won’t, for fear of being punched in the face by a Black or Latino person. There’s no fooling people into thinking of it in any other way. To promote racist thinking under the guise of comedy has pushed many people from the shitty world of low-paying stand-up gigs to nice comfy offices and a staff of writers. To dip into the accounts of other racist fucks and push that filth to an even greater audience. ( Is that too clear? )

What irks me is that she clearly feels vilified. She’s all ‘Why me’ like ‘Why now’ – and I’m thinking Who fucking cares. If you’re a racist in 2015 you should expect this. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Why not just own it? Be trampled for the hate you chose to so clearly show off. You threw it in everyone’s face and you didn’t expect anything to get on your lily-white shirt. Fuck You.

When we have an asswipe like Donald Trump running for President and saying the exact same things she is, why shouldn’t anyone have a problem with it? ‘Cause she’s a comic? (I bet Donald Trump’s gonna site Amy Schumer as his source for why he thinks Mexican’s are Rapists). People like Amy Schumer are the reason 2015 is beginning to feel like we’ve hopped into a time machine. Like all the progress thus far has been for not. Reading how many ignorant fucks choose to pat her on the back and give her the ‘you go girl’ is sickening. The it’s just jokes argument is tired and there’s a new generation of us who just wont buy it. Fuck who’s selling.

Post Malone. Nuff Said.


His music speaks for itself and I’m excited to post a new slew of artists for you guys to hear. The music scene is in a sweet spot right now, and this guy is deserving of the spotlight currently trained on him. Every bar fitting quite eloquently together and a masterful drawl that lets him put together some lines you just couldn’t. There’s nothing better than watching the birth of an artist and feeling quite certain they are destined for greatness. Just Watch. Click here to add him on Twitter and Soundcloud.

Dillon Cooper – Cozmik – Free Mixtape Download

Click 2 Download Cozmik

Click Image 2 Download Cozmik

Brooklyn Native Dillon Cooper drops a hot mixtape for the real heads. It’s gritty, grungy, bluesy, and as NY as it gets. Take it for a spin.  The mixtape is dedicated to the late in-line skater Brian ‘Cozmik’ Scott who was shot by a stray in front of a Brooklyn Coffee Shop. Here’s the State of Elevation video that inspired this post.

Tigo B featuring Sequence – Bonita Applebum 2013

Tigo B
Probably my favorite Carolina video to drop this year – no bullshit. Tigo B‘s track is a definite salute to the female gender. A laid back flow over a jazzy Bad Piano beat, and a Sequence chorus that fits almost too perfectly with the track, I’m impressed. Also eager to see how he pushes what seems to be the beginning of a killer career. It’s good to see a Carolina Artist take the time to hone their style and I’m hoping Tigo B sticks to this new model. Give it a listen, don’t just take my word for it.

Tito Lopez – Y.O.U. – Free Download

This is undeniably one of the hottest mixtapes to drop this year. Mississippi’s  Tito Lopez   is right at the top of my list of up and coming artists and I can only hope he achieves all the success he so rightly deserves. Impeccabaly produced and mixed the tracks just seem to blend perfectly. The album just rides.


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